How We Can Help
Large scale biochar implementations are complex in nature, bridging disciplines of engineering, renewable energy, logistics, soil science, crop management and perhaps carbon finance. The economic feasibility of such projects may be dependent upon, and influenced by, a number of factors, which may include feedstock availability, biochar preparation techniques employed, soil condition, crop, and farming method. The barrier to entry is high, especially in that biochar is relatively new to modern agriculture.
We are a team of agricultural consultants who can help firms interested in reaping the multiple benefits of utilizing biochar in their operations to significantly lower that barrier. We work with our clients to identify pathways of entry that enhance opportunities for benefit and mitigate financial risk. Such pathways may include the design and set up of a semi-commercial trial for instance and/or a gradual ramp up to full capacity production and utilization of biochar.
We are a multidisciplinary team with a strong background in agronomy, bioenergy and engineering who grasp the complexities of modern farming operations. We also have extensive experience implementing agricultural projects in the developing world for aid agencies. Hence, we can help you leverage biochar as one tool of many to enhance agricultural productivity while reducing overall costs in a variety of contexts.
If you think we might be able to help design or implement your biochar project, contact us here.